What if I do not feel comfortable with my learner?

Please call our office, 650-330-2525 or email with any concerns to jjramos@menlopark.org. We will certainly help in dealing with any situation. Remember that you can request to be matched with another learner.

What happens if I go on vacation?

If you plan to miss several sessions, please let your learner know when you can start meeting again and encourage them to use the online resources in the computer lab.

What about materials?

We have a variety of workbooks in the office that deal with reading comprehension, spelling, writing, vocabulary, and the GED. Additionally, our digital literacy coaches can help you and your learner access online materials and resources.

What is the initial meeting like?

The initial meeting is an informal session in which you can discover what your learner’s goals are and set up a schedule of regular tutoring sessions. After your initial meeting, contact us for information on materials and other learning resources.

What information will I receive about my learner?

We will give you a learner profile that covers your learner’s educational background, goals, and assessed reading level.

What are the most common goals learners have?

Common goals include: Life skills related to communication, such as making a doctor’s appointment, talking to children’s teachers, writing a note to the apartment manager; reviewing lessons from adult school or community college ESL classes; and reading and understanding news articles.

Where do we meet?

The majority of tutor and learner pairs meet at the Menlo Park Library in the area reserved for tutoring adjacent to the Project Read office. Alternative locations include the Belle Haven Library or a public location mutually agreed upon by the tutor and learner. We do not recommend meeting in private homes.

How will I be matched?

You will be matched by the details you give us on your application form. Please let us know if you have any preferences (e.g. a learner with a particular first language, a beginning level reader, someone who wants to work on writing, etc.).

Do I need teaching experience or to know a second language?

Most tutors have never taught or tutored before. A desire to help and being comfortable using English are the biggest assets. We provide initial training, resources, and on-going support. Learners need to know enough English to be able to make themselves understood and to understand their tutor before they are partnered with a tutor.

What is the commitment to be a volunteer?

We require a minimum commitment of six months. Tutor and learner pairs meet twice a week for one and a half hours per session or once a week for two hours.